Book Promotion – Are You Sitting Comfortably? By Bethany Leigh


Multiple heroines. Various misdeeds. Invariable punishment.

Are you sitting comfortably?

These ladies aren’t, after defiance, hijinks, bad attitude and other misbehaviour lands them a trip across a stern partner’s knee.

Penny’s husband Hayden wants to revive domestic discipline as well as romance as they travel around Australia. Penny isn’t so sure, but then she ignores an important instruction.

Lucy’s trying to trace a poison-pen writer and searching for an office to set up her own PI agency. Can she find a location boyfriend Noel approves of? (A standalone mystery featuring Lucy from At Dead of Night.)

Lady Helena has run away with her family’s footman after having a disastrous marriage declared void. How will she cope with life as lowly servant Nell? (Featuring two new characters from the Lady Margia/Freedom universe.)

Ruth is in love with the headmaster of the school where she works as a nurse. He seems unaware of her existence – until her madcap friend comes to stay, and a prank goes horribly wrong.

Enjoy eight short spanking stories, featuring feisty heroines from a range of genres – contemporary, mystery, historical and alt-history – all with one thing in common. They all have a man who knows just how to bring them back in line!



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“Peter,” she said urgently, “did you pack the cane?”

“Huh?” Peter averted his eyes from the cartoon to Nicola.

“I said, did you pack the cane?” she repeated, irritated.

“No, I didn’t,” Peter snapped back. “You’re the one who packed up everything in the bedroom.”

“No, I packed the stuff we’d hung up in the wardrobe, and put in drawers. You gathered up everything from under the bed, remember? You did that first thing this morning when I was in the shower. If you’ve left it behind, Sophie and Simon will know…” Nicola had a mortifying mental image of Sophie and Simon picturing her bent over the bed, receiving six of the best. She groaned. God, the idea of anyone, especially Sophie and Simon, knowing about their little games…Nicola felt sick.

“We’ll have to go back for it, Peter,” she said. “Before they see it.”

Peter rose to his feet, and walked across to the door.

“Where are you going?” Nicola demanded. “I wish you wouldn’t just walk away and ignore me when I’m –”

“I’m going to check the car,” he told her. “I probably gathered it up with the bags that were under the bed. I don’t remember, but I probably packed it.”

“Yeah, well, if it’s been left behind it’s all your fault!” Nicola yelled at his retreating back. She stood in the window watching him hunting through the boot of their car. Bloody Peter, she thought savagely. He was the one who always bought junk on holidays, then stockpiled it under the bed in plastic bags. No wonder things got forgotten or mislaid. And he was the one who’d decided they should rise at five in the morning to pack before beginning the long drive home. She’d wanted to pack the night before, but he’d insisted on finishing the holiday in style, with a spa and dinner and wine…

On top of that, Peter was the one who’d insisted on bringing the damn cane along in the first place. He’d figured that given they were going to be somewhere where they could make a lot of noise without being overheard, they might as well make the most of it. So he’d taken along his favourite implements from their collection.

And it had been fun, Nicola couldn’t deny it. They’d played her favourite game of naughty schoolgirl and stern principal, and he’d applied the ruler, the slipper and the cane to her backside, leaving her sore and oh-so-horny… And now Sophie and Simon would know… Nicola watched Peter frowning as he closed the boot. It definitely hadn’t been packed. Oh, God…


Author Bio

Bethany Leigh is a writer of domestic dramas and detective stories spiced up with spankings and romance. Her books are: Freedom, set in an alternate Edwardian England; Betrothed, a short prequel to Freedom; At Dead of Night, a contemporary whodunit; and A Cure For All Ills, an anthology of short domestic discipline stories. All are published by Blushing Books.

Bethany lives in Australia. When she’s not writing, she likes hanging out with her family, catching up with friends over a wine or coffee, and spotting kangaroos, wombats, kookaburras and other fabulous wildlife in the bush near her home.


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Twitter: @writerbethany1


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Fucking hysterical!



Early gynecology exam. Doesn’t she look happy, ladies?

I was doing some research yesterday for my next book and while reading this book by Rachel Maines on the history of vibrators I found some very interesting pictures!

Vibrators were developed to save the fingers of doctors who were treating women, both married and unmarried, for ‘hysteria’ – a catch-all diagnosis that covered any and all symptom a woman could name. It was discovered that orgasm, or ‘paroxysm’ would clear up a woman’s general malaise. Marriage was a recommended cure for hysteria, but when that was not possible, or the woman was not receiving strong enough attention from her husband, it fell to the doctor to provide the necessary stimulation. In a purely medical setting, of course!

(I’m not going to go into how ridiculous it was that women’s sexuality was being medicalised, or that how orgasm was supposed to be both distasteful for a woman and yet necessary for her mental and physical health. They didn’t seem to understand that clitoral stimulation is needed for the vast majority of women to achieve orgasm.Hell, they hadn’t bothered to delineate the clitoris from the vulva or the labia until the late eighteenth century. I’m appalled at what nineteeth century women had to go through, and my inner feminist is raring to get going at this manuscript and give the doctor-hero what for on behalf of women everywhere.)

However, doctors (always male, naturally) found manipulating women to orgasm difficult and somewhat distasteful, so the use of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and primitive vibrators was considered better than manual massage for their patients.

Hydrotherapy – sounds almost relaxing, doesn’t it?


That…that does not look relaxing to me. When you consider that was often cold water, too, I think I’d pass, thank you very much.

Electrotherapy often involved the deliberate collection of static electricity and its application to sensitive areas, using small rollers. When you consider how new the application of electricity to everyday objects was back then, I think that I’d sidestep the electrotherapy too. Weird fact, though: the electric powered vibrator was available for home purchase well before the electric vacuum cleaner or electric iron. I guess women knew what was important back then, even if men didn’t!

This mighty beast is called The Manipulator, and is only a tiny fraction of the actual machine. It was powered by a steam engine (!) which was kept in the next room.

early vibrator


manipulator part 2


You hook it up to the underside of an examination table, which has a convenient piece cut out and off you go – modern, steam-powered orgasms.

Men, of course, were treated for nervous conditions too, but the numbers of men requiring this kind of stimulation were nowhere near the number of women who went through it.

All very interesting food for thought for The Ruttingdon Series Book 4!


You guys thought it was going to take a long time and it only ended up taking 7 and a half hours.



Ah, CJ Cregg. That West Wing quote in the header (from the second season episode The Leadership Breakfast, for any fellow West Wing fans out there) has helped me out several times when describing a task that took far longer than anyone thought possible. The quote in the picture is just a general life motto for myself.

In related news, I finished my new book!

The Ruttingdon Series, Book 3 is a whopping 150000 words in total, so I decided to split in into two sections. Part one is called Having Faith. Part two is called Keeping Faith.

(Go on, guess what my heroine’s name is. Guess!)

I’ve been working on this for what feels like years. In reality, I must have started it somewhere around October of last year, and now it’s May. By the time they’re edited and ready for release it’ll be July, probably, or longer. That’s like having a baby!

The damn thing just kept getting bigger and bigger. I have such a huge problem cutting things out. Thank goodness for a good editor!

Both parts have been accepted by the lovely people at Blushing Books, and will take the number of novels I’ve had published up to lucky number seven. I’ve also had a few stories in a Halloween anthology and I wrote a novella for last Christmas’ collection of themed short stories.

Of course, I’ve already started having stress dreams about them! I dreamed that I got a very nice email from Blushing telling me that they weren’t suitable for them, and that I was free to take them elsewhere. I woke up very relieved that it wasn’t true, let me tell you!

I need to do a few Real Life job things this weekend, but I want to get started on a Christmas novella that will fit into the Ruttingdon series and I’ve already plotted out and written 20000 words of a fourth Victorian Vices book.

I really am a glutton for punishment!




Promotion – Amelia Smarts, The Submissive Suffragette



About the Lone Star Love Series

My latest release is part of my Lone Star Love series with Blushing Books. While writing The Unbraiding of Anna Brown, about lonely widower Carter and sweet, plainspoken Anna who lights his way out of a dark depression, I came to understand the woman Carter was mourning. Carter’s first wife, Nalin, was sharp, feisty, and different from Anna in just about every way. I felt that Nalin and Carter deserved their own story, which led me to write The Submissive Suffragette, Book One in the series. Missy Meets the Marshal (Book Three) is as much an action and adventure story as it is a spanking romance. In it you’ll find villains, bounty hunters, murder, and a conscientious lawman who makes a life-altering choice to follow his heart instead of the law. And while these three books do make up a series, they can each be read and enjoyed as standalones. I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

About The Submissive Suffragette
It’s the late 1800s and women are beginning to fight against the accepted roles of submissive housewife and mother. The suffragette movement is gaining ground. Nalin is one of these women. She is a devoted wife to Carter, and desperately longs for motherhood. But she is struggling to balance those desires with her belief that women need to be equal to men, and this starts, to her way of thinking, with the right to vote. She begins defying all the normal conventions – she wears pants instead of skirts to town, she cusses, she talks back to her husband. The consequences of her actions are that Carter takes a firm hand to her backside.

Carter, on the other hand, has always been quite happy with the status quo and is becoming more and more frustrated with Nalin’s constant defiance of all things considered lady-like. He has even come to believe that disciplining his recalcitrant wife is pointless. But her reaction to this declaration confuses them both.

Carter and Nalin both want children, but have so far suffered more than one devastating loss. They are both thrilled when Nalin again becomes pregnant. However, now she’s demanding to attend the suffragette convention in Dallas. Carter loves his wife, so despite his initial reservations, he agrees to see her safely to the convention and back again.

Their adventure takes a few twists and turns along the way. Will this couple safely and successfully navigate their way through these turbulent times and find the happily ever after they both deserve?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit erotic and spanking scenes. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

She stood in front of him and looked into his eyes. His expression was stony. She couldn’t find a trace of tenderness.

“I’m sorry, Carter,” she said, tears flowing freely. “Please punish me, I deserve it. But please don’t hate me.”

Carter didn’t respond right away, and each second that ticked by filled Nalin with increasing fear that he would never forgive her.

“Why would you ask me not to hate you? I’m angry enough, Nalin, without that nonsense.”

Nalin could tell he was struggling to keep his voice level. “I’m sorry,” she said, crying.

“But Carter, I’m so afraid. Tell me my wicked deed hasn’t caused you to lose your love for me. I beg you to tell me that before you punish me. I’ve never seen that look on your face. It looks like you hate me and will never forgive me. I can’t bear it!”

Carter raised his voice to a bellow, which took her by surprise, since he rarely yelled at her.

“This is the look of a husband who feels betrayed by his wife! It’s the look of a man angry with himself for not stowing that money properly at the bank or in a safe. It’s the look of a business owner worried about the future of his business and his ability to pay his employees. It is not, I repeat, not, the look of a man who hates you.”

In a stern voice closer to its usual volume, he added, “I will always love you. Is that what you need to hear, young lady?”

“Y-yes. Thank you, Carter.” She hiccupped.

He scowled at her. “Say it. Say, ‘My husband will always love me’.”

Nalin did so in a quiet, trembling voice.

“Say it again. Louder and with confidence.”

“My husband will always love me,” she repeated, trying to settle her sobs.

“Again!” he shouted, and slammed his palm down on the kitchen table.

“My husband will always love me!”

“Do you believe it? You will repeat it until you do, even if it takes all night.”

“Yes, sir. I-I believe it.”

“Good. You’re going to need to remember how much I love you during this punishment.

Bend over the table and lift your skirts.”


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Also in the Lone Star Love Series

The Unbraiding of Anna Brown (Lone Star Love Book 2) – Hardened widower awakens from grief when met by a sweet, headstrong young lady in need of some old-fashioned discipline.


Missy Meets the Marshal (Lone Star Love Book 3) – A troubled woman in need of protection and discipline meets a tough marshal, whose job it is to provide both.



About Amelia Smarts

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Historical Erotica and Erotic Westerns!


I’m an author of romance novels featuring domestic discipline/spanking. Usually my stories involve a cowboy, and they always involve a man’s firm hand connecting with a woman’s naughty backside. It’s important to me that I tell a good story in addition to portraying hot sex and discipline scenes. I write complex, flawed heroes and heroines who struggle and succeed in their journey to love and happiness.


I hold graduate and undergraduate degrees in creative writing and English, and I love the written word. If you’d like to talk books with me, feel free to drop me a note at Happy reading!


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