I’m back, with a brand new book!

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A dominant earl and a hapless student…

The young ladies who attend Miss Bertram’s Academy call themselves Practitioners, and use their skills to help, heal and defend those in need.

War hero Leo Sterne doesn’t know it yet, but he’s in need of all the help he can get. A centuries-old curse has caused the premature death of every Earl of Ravenshaw, and he has just inherited the title. The clock is ticking on his survival, and the most inexperienced young lady at Miss Bertram’s has been assigned to save his life.

Caroline Noone has only her wits, training and an unpredictable assistant to aid her, and she is shocked to discover that the mysterious stranger who has been haunting her dreams for months is the new earl. Passion flares between them, but what will happen when disaster strikes?

Can Caroline save Leo’s life? Read Caroline’s Gift to find out!

Publisher’s Note: This steamy paranormal romance contains elements of power exchange.


I’m back, and to apologise for my absence I give you Caroline’s Gift, available on October 4th 2018 from Blushing Books and Amazon!

This is a new area for me – both with the Regency setting and the use of magic – but I’m excited to start a new series following Caroline and Leo, their family and friends, as they battle mysterious enemies!  In this book we meet Caroline Noone, a gentlewoman facing a life of genteel boredom before being thrust into service to save the life of the dashing Leo Sterne, an earl with deadly curse hanging over his head.

Interested? I’ll be releasing a few sneak peeks in the following days. Keep coming back to find out more!