The Incorrigible Annabelle Spencer

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This is a bit of a departure for me – this is by far the most explicit book I’ve published! Let’s just say that Annabelle Spencer gets her horizons broadened by the devilishly handsome Duke of Rothmuir!

I hope people like this new Ruttingdon series. The sequel will be published in January, and I hope to have the third book finished soon after that.



Change of title for my next book!

The first book in my new, racier series, The Ruttingdon Series, has had a name change!

Thanks to the popularity of another book from the same publishers, The Duke’s Proposition has been re-named The Incorrigible Annabelle Spencer.

Here’s the fantastic  cover!


Isn’t it pretty? I’m so excited for this release! The Ruttingdon Series is different from the Victorian Vices series – there’s still the same mix of strong heroines, sexy heroes and very sore bottoms, but these books will be a lot naughtier than before!

It’s due to be released in one week’s time, on the 20th December 2015. Treat yourself with something naughty this Christmas, and meet The Incorrigible Annabelle Spencer!

Do you want a free Christmas treat?

Available from the Blushing Books website on the 6th December, a free 18000 word novella called A Captain For Christmas!

Blushing Books are having a 12 Days of Christmas promotion! There will be a new novella available every day from their website, with all twelve available at the end. There’s a competition too!

I decided to go back to the Regency period for A Captain For Christmas, where a returning war hero from Waterloo tries to win the heart of the woman whose reputation he ruined ten years previously.

Can he hope to succeed? You’ll have to read A Captain For Christmas to find out! Here’s an excerpt…


“Unhand me!” she shrieked, kicking out and trying to wriggle off his lap.

“If you act like a child, you will receive a child’s punishment,” he said calmly, adjusting his grip so she was more firmly situated over his broad thighs.

“You dishonoured me!” she cried, feeling the cool air of the house on her stockinged legs. Her garters kept them on firmly, just above the knee, but like most ladies of the time, she had no other underwear to protect her body from Jonathan’s gaze or the flat of his hand. She was not even wearing a corset that day, merely a boned chemise, which gave her the shape she required under her column style dress. This chemise was lifted along with her dress.

“I would have made my apologies to you, if you had stayed long enough to hear them,” he said grimly. “There was no need to run away from me like I was some kind of monster, and definitely no need to bury my waistcoat in the dung pile!”

captain for christmas

I was hoping I’d be able to post this!

All three of my Victorian Vices series are now sitting  in the top three on! Being British, this means a lot, probably more than getting to the top of the list if I’m honest.


Screenshot (8).png


Spanking The Heiress did make it to the number one spot this morning, but then I beat myself with the very first book I ever wrote!

I’m feeling incredibly happy with myself right about now, and I would like to say thank you very much to everybody who has bought any of my books. The only reason I’m feeling so happy now is because of your generosity. Thank you!


Top three out of four spots on! 

I currently have books at number one, three and four on the Victorian Erotica bestsellers chart in UK Amazon! 

Spanking Miss Sophia is number one, my brand new book, Spanking The Heiress is number three and my debut novel, Spanking The Governess, is number four! 

Thank you UK readers! 


Spanking The Heiress – Anthony Carstairs, Earl of Beaumont, has seven sisters and very little money to provide for their dowries, dresses, and dreams of good society marriages. An unexpected inheritance from a distant relative is an absolute godsend for the cash-strapped earl. The estate he will inherit, however, is located in far-off Cornwall. There is a rather rundown manor house, as well as an uninhabitable castle overlooking the sea, along with some good farmland, so the earl’s first thought is to sell the place for much needed funds. 
For Jennifer Polperran, current occupant of the house and lands in question, the earl’s inheritance means that she has lost her home. Her adopted father had little else to leave her, so she must either marry a neighbor she loathes, Sir Alec Salcombe, or live in extremely reduced circumstances. 
But for all her life, Jennifer’s father had told her of an ancient legend, of a fortune in gold and jewels stolen by two star-crossed lovers and hidden away somewhere on the estate just before their tragic and untimely deaths. Many had sought the treasure over the centuries, but Jennifer might just have found the key to its location, if only she can get the new owner’s consent, and perhaps even his cooperation in finding it. 
Convincing the Earl of Beaumont to give her leave to stay and search proves less difficult than she imagined. But their way is fraught with disappointment and peril, not the least of which is caused by the ruthless and rapacious Sir Alec. Regardless, romance quickly blossoms between the earl and the penniless Jennifer, and together they persevere in the hunt that is their best hope for a bright, golden future together.
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