It’s getting closer now…

Spanking The Governess, my first novel with the lovely people from Blushing Books, is released in two days’ time!

You can read the first chapter for free here!


The new governess at remote and forbidding Briarstone Manor is not whom or what she claims to be. But prior to Elizabeth’s arrival at the great, sad house, no one else had been able to get through to or control the lonely little girl, the supposed daughter of a peer of the realm, who is need of governing.

Since Elizabeth speaks French, the girl’s native tongue, they quickly bond. Being an inquisitive young woman, however, the new governess all too soon discovers a trove of erotic literature, with an emphasis on spanking, secreted on the premises by the lord of the manor, Joseph, Marquess of Hamilton.

Joseph is a man torn between his parental duty to a daughter of questionable origin, and his loathing for Briarstone, least favorite of all his estates. He also is a man who takes a very dim view of a young, pretty woman snooping around to find books she has no business viewing, and also a man who knows exactly what to do when such outrageous behavior does occur.

When she is caught, though, and taken to task, Elizabeth has to wonder—is being spanked, however strictly, by the stern and handsome lord truly a punishment at all? And what will become of her when Joseph discovers the shameful secret of her true identity?

Come join Louise Taylor as she takes us back more than a century and a half to a time when a man was master of the house, and an employee’s place was, very often, across his lap, to find the answers.

Read the first chapter for free here!

I’m very excited about getting this first novel out and seeing what people think. There are two more novels in this series at present, and about 15000 words of the fourth lurking on my hard drive.

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