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Spanking Miss Sophia will be available in six days! Isn’t the cover art so pretty? You can read the first chapter for free here!

The Duke of Dorset is having a very bad day. One moment he is enjoying life as a single man in possession of the most beautiful mistress in London, and in the next he finds that he has inherited the guardianship of two orphaned cousins, daughters of his black-sheep uncle, the Earl of Shrewsbury.
These very young, very troublesome country cousins arrive as a package deal, along with their older half-sister, Miss Sophia Preston. She is a feisty, opinionated young woman of marriageable age, a stepdaughter to the deceased earl, in fact, who is determined to return her family to the countryside where they belong.
Sparks fly as Miss Sophia clashes not only with the duke, a thirty-year-old confirmed bachelor, but also with the duke’s mother, a grande dame in London society. The duchess has little patience with two small, difficult and noisy girls, and even less with their unrefined and yet outspoken country mouse of a half-sister.
Still, all the heat and friction produced amongst those three is nothing compared to the firestorm that ensues when the duke’s mistress, a courtesan of the very highest rank and quite full of herself, discovers that the duke is beginning to see Miss Sophia in an entirely different and quite romantic light!

Spanking The Governess – still hanging around! Read the first chapter for free!

I am a real authorial newbie, so I have no idea if this is normal or not, but a bit more than a month after its release Spanking The Governess is still hanging around the top 20 in both and! It’s jumped around from first place down to seventeenth in the US and eighth in the UK and bounced around every other number in the top twenty in the last month.

I’m proud of my little book; it was my first, and it definitely shows, but it was good enough to be picked up by the lovely people at Blushing Books! I’ve learned a lot from it, and I’ll always look at it with affection.

Check out the first chapter for free here!


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