Do you want a free Christmas treat?

Available from the Blushing Books website on the 6th December, a free 18000 word novella called A Captain For Christmas!

Blushing Books are having a 12 Days of Christmas promotion! There will be a new novella available every day from their website, with all twelve available at the end. There’s a competition too!

I decided to go back to the Regency period for A Captain For Christmas, where a returning war hero from Waterloo tries to win the heart of the woman whose reputation he ruined ten years previously.

Can he hope to succeed? You’ll have to read A Captain For Christmas to find out! Here’s an excerpt…


“Unhand me!” she shrieked, kicking out and trying to wriggle off his lap.

“If you act like a child, you will receive a child’s punishment,” he said calmly, adjusting his grip so she was more firmly situated over his broad thighs.

“You dishonoured me!” she cried, feeling the cool air of the house on her stockinged legs. Her garters kept them on firmly, just above the knee, but like most ladies of the time, she had no other underwear to protect her body from Jonathan’s gaze or the flat of his hand. She was not even wearing a corset that day, merely a boned chemise, which gave her the shape she required under her column style dress. This chemise was lifted along with her dress.

“I would have made my apologies to you, if you had stayed long enough to hear them,” he said grimly. “There was no need to run away from me like I was some kind of monster, and definitely no need to bury my waistcoat in the dung pile!”

captain for christmas