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Spanking the Heiress has been released on audio! Lake Janssen does an amazing job telling the story of Jennifer and Anthony as they search for buried treasure in a ruined Cornish castle. You can hear her relate a steamy spanking scene with the free clip at, and if you start their trial offer you can have the book for free!

This is just incredible – I never thought I would hear words that I had written spoken aloud by somebody else!

You can buy the audiobook at or through Audible themselves. Perfect for commuting, listening while you work out or, if you’re me, keeping you entertained while you do the weekly shop!

Guest Author – S Nano, Mistress of the Air


Mistress of the Air is a Comic, Steampunk, Erotic Adventure.

Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester owns a brass mine in Zanzibar, a Lapsang Souchong tea plantation in China, a rubber tree farm in Malaysia, trunk loads of corsetry, and the country’s largest collection of antique whips and floggers.

Larger than life, and itching to find new and inventive ways to punish her submissive gentlemen, the Edwardian dominatrix has a vision. Embracing the spirit of the new age of aviation, she embarks on a series of adventures on her own airship, The Corseted Domme, with her transvestite maid, Victoria, her airship pilot, Captain Wyndham, and her automaton sex toy, Borghild.

A select group of submissive gentlemen, consisting of a duke, bishop, lawyer and banker, is invited to join Lady Sally so she can try out her new dastardly devices and sex toys on them. She whips, spanks and punishes her way across the Empires of Europe, dropping off to visit her aristocratic relatives and friends for afternoon tea.

But Lady Sally’s journey is not uneventful. War is threatening to break out and the Ministry of Aviation want to commandeer her airship for the war effort. And when The Corseted Domme has a crash landing, Lady Sally realises there is a stowaway on board intent on sabotaging her airship.

There will be wild escapades, kinky BDSM, dastardly devices, explosions and nice cups of tea. I hope you’ll join Lady Sally for the ride!


S Nano has stopped by to tell us all about his exciting new release, Mistress of the Air! Here he explains all about his main character, Lady Sally!

The central character in my comic, Steampunk, erotic adventure, ‘Mistress Of The Air’ is Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester, an Edwardian dominatrix.

Writing the character of Lady Sally was a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, she’s a comic character with an over-the-top, larger than life personality. She has a massive wardrobe of corsetry, latex and fetish wear, the country’s largest collection of antique whips and floggers and a predilection for nice afternoon teas. She’s outspoken and incorrigible, getting herself into all kinds of scrapes and escapades as she flies across the Empires of Europe in her airship, ‘The Corseted Domme’. ‘Mistress Of The Air’ certainly takes many classic Steampunk tropes and has fun with them to create a tale of derring-do adventures with Lady Sally at its heart.

But, on the other hand, it was important the reader laugh with Lady Sally rather than at her. After all, she’s a strict dominatrix, and that would certainly not do! She rules over her submissive male guests on her airship with unrelenting discipline. She’s also an astute business woman, owning tea plantations in China and India, a rubber farm in Malaysia, a chain of saloons and brothels in the Wild West, not to mention her brass mine in Zanzibar, the profits from which are used to fund her vast and magnificent airship. She’s also aware of all the newest technology, knows what duralumin is and can discuss geodetic construction and torsional load bearing with her airship designer.

So, Lady Sally is both a strict English dominatrix who nobody is going to argue with without being on the receiving end of some severe punishment, but also a comic character, who’s adventures are played for laughs, as well. I hope it’s a balance I’ve been able to pull off in the book.

I certainly had fun writing her adventures!

Interested? Read an excerpt below, and follow the links to buy via Amazon and other online bookstores!

Story Extract

“I’m very disappointed in you brigadier… very disappointed.”

Lady Sally was back at Rudston Hall, ‘entertaining’ one of her submissive gentlemen, who was secured onto a whipping bench in one of the rooms dedicated to domination and punishment.

Indeed, most of the rooms of the house were put aside for that purpose, rendering it a playground for the expression of Lady Sally’s dominatrix persona. Except the kitchen. Cook had stood firmly to her ground, insisting none of her mistress’s strange goings-on take place in her domain. “It’s disgusting, milady,” she said. “Quite unhygienic. I can’t have those bodily fluids around where I’m mixing cakes!”

Lady Sally circled the whipping bench menacingly, the brigadier following the sound of her heels clicking on the parquet flooring until they came to rest in front of him. The scarlet silk of her corset brushed against the hairs of his handlebar moustache. The firm, white flesh between the straps of her black suspender-belt were before his eyes, allowing him to stare down at her elegant legs in their black stockings. The smell of her, musky and sensual, was intoxicating. As he glanced up from his restrained position, he noted the wooden paddle cradled in her silk-gloved hand.

“I’m sorry, mistress. I’m disappointed myself. I should have loved to join your adventure, but I’ve been called back to my regiment.”

“Huh,” Lady Sally sniffed. “All that pointless marching and parading. You should send your soldiers to me. I’d soon instil some discipline in them!”

“I don’t doubt that, mistress.”

Brigadier Trumpington was left helplessly exposed. The regimental uniform of the Rutshire Hussars was left draped over a velvet chair, and he was now naked, kneeling on the bench, his ankles and wrists shackled to its wooden frame with handcuffs, his arse sticking up invitingly into the air.

It was too tempting a target for Lady Sally to ignore. She lifted her arm and whacked the paddle against the brigadier’s backside. There was a thud, then a yelp of pain. His flabby arse wobbled like the jellies cook created with the hundreds of brass moulds in her kitchen.

She fixed her gaze on him, peering through a black mask which highlighted her penetrating eyes lined by dark kohl.

“It’s your loss brigadier. This will be an adventure like no other; I’m so looking forward to it. I shall be a Mistress of the Air, floating in the clouds whilst administering cruel punishments to a select group of helpless slaves. And I have all manner of new dastardly devices to experiment with. There will be clockwork and steam-powered implements of torment. My workshop has been working over-time to get them ready. And you will forgo all the excitement…”

“I’m so disappointed, mistress. I know what a privilege it is to be invited, and I should love to be joining you.”

“Well, it’s a poor show, brigadier, that’s all I have to say. I am of the opinion you should prioritise service to your mistress over these military shenanigans. What have you to say to that?”

“I’m truly sorry, mistress, but if I don’t return to the regiment this weekend, I’ll be court-martialled.”

“It would be a small price to pay for displeasing me. You would just have to tell them you simply had to serve your mistress, and she insisted on taking you on an adventure.” Lady Sally hesitated, a subtle smile spreading across her lips, “But tell me, brigadier, if you were subject to a court-martial, what punishment would it impose?”

The brigadier was disconcerted by Lady Sally’s smile–it was a bad omen. From bitter experience, it usually meant she was having a fiendish idea. A trap was being laid for him.

“Well, mistress, if it were deemed to constitute desertion, then it would be a treasonable offence, and the punishment would be execution by hanging.”

“But taking into consideration the mitigating circumstances of having a mistress to submit to, what punishment then?”

“I don’t know. I doubt such a case has come before the military tribunal, mistress.”

“You think not?”

The paddle came crashing down on the brigadier’s arse again. He howled in pain. He hadn’t prepared himself for the heavy stroke. The tingling pain spread across his backside like spiky tentacles.

“Yet, I know how many of the officer class indulge themselves of chastisement from a strict mistress. Come now, you are raised on corporal punishment–a strict governess, public school, Sandringham, the barracks. You cannot resist a good caning… and if it’s from a sexy mistress, skilled in the arts of sadistic punishment, like yours truly, then all the better.”

“Yes, mistress. Of course, mistress. It’s true, who could not resist the magnificent Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester.”

“I know what sentence a court-martial would pass. They would give a full judicial punishment, would they not?”

The brigadier gulped, “Yes, mistress.”

“So there, the dilemma of how I should deal with your disobedience is resolved. For failing to join my airship adventure, the punishment is a judicial flogging and caning,” Lady Sally announced triumphantly.

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About the author

Nano is an author of erotic stories with dark and exotic content in fantasy, paranormal or historical settings, often drawing on the themes of female supremacy, BDSM and fetish but with a seam of quirky humour running through them as well.

His first full-length erotic novel, ‘Adventures in Fetishland’, a BDSM/fetish re-invention of Alice in Wonderland, was published by Xcite Books. His short stories and novellas have been published by Xcite Books, House of Erotica, Forbidden Fiction, Coming Together and Greenwoman Publishing.

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Guest Author – Libby Campbell, Seeing Ronnie

seeing ronnie


Ronnie’s personal life is a desert. Del is a rainmaker.

As a social blogger, Ronnie Flynn—aloof, beautiful, cool as a cucumber—is desperate to get to the society event of the year: Simon and Sadie’s engagement party on Seguro Island. No surprise that her name isn’t on the guest list, but as always, Ronnie has a backup plan. A plan that involves the handsome Del Franklin.

Del agrees to a swap: Ronnie gives him the scoop on his estranged wife’s dirty secrets and he takes her as his date to his boss’s party. The handsome, buff man of Italian descent makes only one condition: Ronnie better be good. No snooping. No manipulating. No digging for dirt. Or else.

With crossed fingers, and in spite of Del’s threat of putting her over his knee for disobeying, Ronnie ‘promises’ to be a good girl. Right. She’s not worried about Del. Her code of Keeping a Healthy Distance will protect her heart, and her backside. She’s too wily to get caught, anyway.

Ronnie sees. Literally. She can channel people’s feelings and see into their hearts. All her life, she has been hiding this secret weapon—her psychic ability—because what she sees is often too hard understand and impossible to share. If she can handle that secret, surely she can handle Del. Or can she? He’s not like anyone else. Nothing has prepared her for him. She shouldn’t react like this to his dominance. She’s an independent, wealthy woman in her own right. No man will tell her what to do. Yet, there is something about this sexy dominant Latin lover that makes her pulse race.

Will Ronnie allow Del to break her Code of Keeping a Healthy Distance? Will seeing Ronnie open Del’s eyes to a new world? Will the two of them ever see life the same way?

Publishers’ note: Seeing Ronnie is intended for adults only. Spanking and other sexual activities represented in this book are fantasies only, intended for adults. Nothing in this book should be interpreted as Blushing Books’ or the author’s advocating any non-consensual spanking activity or spanking of minors.

Buy at   AmazonBlushing Books


Interested in this sexy paranormal romance? Check out the free excerpts below!



Excerpt one:


When you’re with me you will be polite and well mannered. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” Ronnie nodded soberly to show her good intentions, but under the table she crossed her fingers.

“You better mean that.” Del drained his coffee cup and levelled his eyes at her. “Because if I catch you prying or snooping—doing anything outside the bounds of good manners—there will be consequences.”

“Consequences?” Ronnie licked a drop of tea off her lips.

“Serious consequences.” The corner of his mouth lifted in a crooked smile. “I will turn you over my knee and paddle your bottom until you beg me to stop. And then I will spank you some more. Do I make myself clear?”

“You do,” Ronnie whispered. A damp flutter clenched between her legs and she pressed her knees together as if she could lock out the desire that suddenly sent her blood boiling. No one had ever threatened her like that before. Worse still, it was as though he was the one with the gift of second sight, as if he’d read her secret intention to ignore everything he’d just said. She glanced over her shoulder to see if anyone might have heard his sultry caution. No one was paying them any attention.

The very worst part was that she had no idea how she was going to turn off the part of her personality that wanted to know everything about everybody. She’d been accused of living through the dramas of other people’s lives and there was more truth to that than she cared to admit. Her own life was dishwater dull and she kept it that way so she had energy for her work as gossip queen. More importantly she kept her life orderly so that there was no mud that could be slung her way. She twisted her tea cup to avoid looking at Del.

“One last problem.” Del spoke as calmly as if he hadn’t just suggested the most erotic thing anyone had put to Ronnie in ten years or so. “I haven’t made a booking and I’m sure every hotel and B&B on the island will be full by now.”

“I have a place we can stay.” Ronnie forced coolness into her voice. She didn’t say it’s a fabulous place and it’s for sale. She’d only seen it in pictures but if it was half as good in real life, she planned to buy it. That was her secret and she wasn’t sharing it with anyone. She held her expression impassive.

“You’ve got a place on Seguro?”

“I wish. This place belongs to friends, but we can use it this weekend. I also have ferry reservations to get us there.” Even if she didn’t get an invitation to the Jacobson bash, she’d planned a weekend on the island to test drive the lake house.

Del lifted an eyebrow. “Separate rooms?”

“Absolutely. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The memory of the warmth and strength of his hand in hers made her think that sharing a bed with Del Franklin might be pleasurable. The idea of being turned over his knee made her legs tremble. But none of that was going anywhere. She indulged herself in little fantasies from time to time, but she never acted on them.

Ronnie had sworn off men a long time ago.


Excerpt two:


Del tilted her face up to his. “Don’t you ever speak to me like that again,” he said. His honey brown eyes sparked with reproach and something more, raw desire. His fingers burned on her skin and the heat of his stare made her itch in places that no man had scratched for a very long time. Part of her wanted to reach out and pull him close, to feel his powerful body wrapped around hers.

She was she losing her mind. The island had made her take leave of all her senses.

Embarrassment quickly replaced her light-headed lust. While it was perfectly natural to have perved on the man, it was sloppy and amateurish to have been caught. With a strength she didn’t know she possessed, she wrenched her wrist free and pushed him away as hard as she could. He took two steps backwards to regain his balance and a grim smile spread over his face.

She put her hands on her hips and glared at him. “Or you’ll do what? Refuse to take me to the party tonight?” She spat the words and tried to skirt around him on the narrow path.

“I warned you the other day about the consequences of bad manners.” He caught her around the waist with his left hand and held her facing away from him. Then he raised his right hand high and brought it down on the top of her bare thighs with a loud crack that was more noise than impact.

“That’s what your rudeness gets you,” he said. “That and a lot more. But next time it will be on your bare bottom with you turned over my knee, as promised. I expect you to speak to me at least as respectfully as you would any business associate. Remember, I have experience with naughty girls. I’m the father of a fourteen-year-old, but you, unlike my spirited daughter, will be spanked for rudeness or sass. You’re a grown up and able to walk away from me if you want to, something she can’t do. Different rules for different girls. Only the big girls get spanked. So, if you and I are going to spend time together, and I hope this weekend is just the start of things, I expect you to show me good manners and thoughtful behavior.”

Ronnie looked at him, her mouth opening and closing. She knew she resembled a guppy and was just as wordless. This man had second sight of his own, straight into her soul. She wanted him and he knew it. Now he was saying he wanted her too. Was that an opportunity or a risk? Thoughts of what he was offering raced through her brain.


Libby Campbell has other books available, and you can follow her on social media!


The Simon in Charge series:

Simon Says (Simon in Charge, book 1)

Winning Sadie (Simon in Charge, book 2)

Sadie Says I Do (Simon in Charge, book 3)


Prairie Promise – short story, in A Spanking Good New Year anthology


Libby lives on the West Coast of Canada with her husband of over twenty-five years. An avid reader, she savors books that feature strong, independent women and the loving men who challenge them.

She loves mountain hikes, deep bubble baths, and all animals, but particularly small dogs with big attitudes and big dogs who think they are lap dogs. A woman for all seasons, Libby is happy cuddling in front of a winter fire, watching a summer sunset, listening to birds in the spring and walking in the autumn rain.

Optimistic by nature, Libby wants a solid HEA in her reading and her writing. She hopes you will enjoy escaping to the dream worlds where she spends far too much time.

Follow her on Pinterest to see the images that inspire her characters and the worlds they live in.


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Visit her website and blog here: Libby Campbell

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