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25th May is the anniversary of the short-lived People’s Republic of Treacle Mine Road. I would wear the lavender, but the smell makes me feel sick, so I’ll make do with this picture instead!

If you have never read Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch, I thoroughly recommend it. It’s the best of the Watch novels, despite the majority of the Watch not featuring in it that much. You get to see the history of Ankh Morpork before the series started, and you understand how Sam Vimes found himself in the gutter, literally, at the start of Guards, Guards! A little bit of retconning happens, but it’s a wonderful read.

Guest Author – Kelly Dawson, Daddies Take Control



Jen McLeod’s life is falling apart. Having been caught selling marijuana as a last resort to pay for her brother’s expensive, highly specialized medical care, she faces the loss of her job and the potential for jail time. Penniless, desperate, and unsure what to do, she foolishly tries to steal a wallet from Luke Lewis, an old boyfriend, only to be chased down by his brother Cody.

Luke still has a place in his heart for Jen, and after the two brothers listen to her story they promise not to report her theft to the police if she will accept a punishment from them instead. Seeing no other choice, Jen agrees, and a few moments later she is sobbing and promising to be good as her bare bottom is soundly spanked.

The humiliating punishment leaves her with blushing cheeks and a burning backside, but afterwards Luke holds her in his arms and comforts her, and then the brothers make her an incredible offer. If she will be their little girl, obeying their rules and submitting to their discipline, they will bring her to live with them and provide for all of her needs.

Though she is shocked by their generosity and wonders if all of this might be too good to be true, the brothers quickly prove they are serious about taking care of Jen. She soon finds herself being bathed, cuddled, and spanked when she is naughty, and when the two brothers claim her beautiful body completely their firm, dominant lovemaking leaves her spent and satisfied. But can she learn to behave or will she spend most of her days with a bright red bottom?

Publisher’s Note: Daddies Take Control is a stand-alone sequel to Daddy Takes the Reins. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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Enjoy  a free excerpt from Daddies Take The Reins below!

Daddies Take Control Excerpt # 1


“Cody’s going to put you across his knee and spank your bare bottom,” he informed her. “And I’m going to watch.”

He heard her sharp intake of breath, saw the colour drain from her face. He watched her stiffen when Cody first took her hand but she visibly relaxed when he stroked her knuckles with his thumb. And she didn’t appear to struggle as Cody tugged her gently down across his lap. She didn’t move when Cody eased her pants down her thighs, sliding both her jodhpurs and knickers down to her knees, and then locked her legs in place beneath one of his. Cody rested his palm on her naked bottom, waiting.

The whole time, Jen stayed frozen, her eyes wide in shock, her hands trembling. Luke could see her biting her lower lip; any harder and she’d put her teeth through it.

“Give me your hands.” Reaching forward, Luke picked up her fingers, entwining them in his, holding them gently, feeling her trembling hands still as he held them. “Look at me,” he commanded softly.

She looked at him through her lashes, her eyes showing just the hint of fear. He felt the tiniest thrill of satisfaction at her panic. It was nothing less than she deserved – she’d stolen from him, after all.

“You are to hold my gaze while Cody turns your bottom red. I want you to look into my eyes while you are being punished and remember why you are here – that you attempted to steal from me.”

Her eyes dropped to the floor as her face turned beet red.

“Jen,” he prompted, injecting just enough sternness into his tone to be taken seriously.

Cody’s hand landed sharply on her bare bottom, the crack of flesh upon flesh echoing loudly around the small room. Jen jumped, her mouth falling open in shock.

“Look at me,” Luke commanded.

She did.

Cody’s flattened palm fell again and again, peppering her bottom with swats in a fast, regular rhythm. Jen flinched with every smack, but now that she held Luke’s gaze, it didn’t waver. Her eyes filled with tears as the spanking continued, but still she kept looking at him.



Daddies Take Control Excerpt # 2


As she held his gaze, Luke rubbed the spoon over her bottom, the plastic cool against her hot skin. He ran the edge of the spoon down between her cheeks, applying very gentle pressure as he paused the spoon over the top of her naughtiest hole. Her breathing quickened and an aching need starting deep in her belly slowly spread through her core, as Luke dragged the spoon further down her cleft. When it reached the edge of her pussy he twisted it, touching the very tip against her dripping lips, then he brought it back and smacked her lightly there, sending shockwaves through her. The wet splat of the spoon didn’t hurt but it did intensify the aching need within her. She arched her back, lifting her ass, offering herself to him

“She likes that,” Cody announced. “I can tell by the expression on her face.”

Shame flooded through her, but it did nothing to hamper the waves of desire rocking through her body.

Luke buried the tip of the spoon inside her. “I know she does,” he agreed. “You should see her juices running down the spoon.” He twisted the spoon, spreading her wide, and she gasped as he reached underneath her and flicked her clit gently with his thumb. She inhaled sharply as he swatted her pussy with the spoon lightly again, fuelling the sensations which were nearly sending her into orbit.

Placing a hand on her back, Luke rubbed the spoon in circles over her bottom again, leaving an emptiness behind. Cody picked up her hand, threading his fingers through hers. “Look at me,” he whispered.



Daddies Take Control Excerpt #3


“Please Luke,” she begged, her eyes pleading with him to help her. “Please take this awful plug out of my bottom. I can’t bear it any longer!”

Luke looked up from his desk, tapping his fingers against his chin, holding the end of a pen in his mouth. “Will you be a good girl if I get rid of it for you?” He raised an eyebrow as he cast a stern eye over her and she felt herself shrivel under his authoritative gaze.

“Yes, I promise,” she begged. Please let him take this out! Her inner mind pleaded. She didn’t know what she would do if he refused …

Luke rolled his swivelly chair back and propped his feet up on his desk, still tapping the pen he held against his teeth as he looked her over, his gaze roaming up and down her body.

“Take your pants off,” he ordered, his voice a husky growl.

Quickly, she obeyed, pushing her jeans and pink lace underwear down to the floor and stepping out of them.

“Turn around. Bend over. Legs apart.” He gave the instructions one at a time, with a pause between each, waiting while she obeyed. She could feel her face flushing a deeper and deeper red with each embarrassing command.

“Reach back and spread your cheeks for me, let me see that purple jewel embedded in your bottom.”

Shame flooded through her. No! I can’t do this! I don’t want to do this! But she did; taking a deep breath for courage she reached back and pulled her cheeks aside, feeling her face get even hotter. Her humiliation was complete.

Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut in a lame attempt at blocking our her shame, but it didn’t stop her hearing Luke’s chair creak as he stood up and it didn’t stop her noticing his shadow fall over her as he moved to stand behind her. A shiver went down her spine as he rested his hands over hers. She felt him stretch his fingers out to touch the plug; it moved inside her as he pressed it gently and her pussy tightened in response. She held her breath as he squeezed her bottom then reached down to her pussy, dipping one finger inside her.

“So wet,” he murmured. “I think you like this plug.”

“No,” she whimpered. “Please take it out, I can’t take it anymore!”

She felt him move away, she heard the creak of his chair as he sat back down.

“Stand up,” he ordered gruffly. As she straightened, he caught her eye and patted his lap. “Come here, baby girl. Let’s take it out.”

For the first time ever, she went eagerly over his lap. His jeans chafed her bare thighs, but she didn’t care. Her skin quivered at his touch, as he spread her cheeks apart with gentle fingers, then probed at the plug.

He reached onto his desk for something, then she felt a cold, long, hard object resting on the crest of her bottom. She shivered involuntarily.

Crack! Whatever it was that Luke held smacked down on her bottom directly on top of the plug, sending fireworks through her. She gasped in shock. The stinging object landed again, slightly lower. She bit her lip and dug her fingers into Luke’s jeans, fighting to keep still.

“To ensure your submission and obedience,” Luke told her quietly. “Do you need another one or is that enough?”

“That’s enough,” she gasped.

“Clearly it isn’t,” Luke scolded, another swat with his stingy smacker punctuating his words. “Try again.”

“That’s enough Sir! I promise I’ll be good!” Jen ground out the words through clenched teeth, her traitorous pussy pulsing and her breasts tightening as shame and humiliation washed over her like waves. Craning her neck, she twisted her head up to see what it was that Luke held, what he’d smacked her with.

His eyes met hers and he grinned as he raised his wrist, showing her the narrow wooden ruler he held.

“It’s solid Rimu,” he said. “Very old. It belonged to Pops, once. When I took over top job I asked if I could have his ruler. The lines it makes are much nicer than those flimsy plastic ones.”

“Lines? You mean the ones you rule, or the ones you’ve made on my butt?”

Luke chuckled, rubbing his hand over her tender bottom. “Both, brat.” Bending down he kissed the welts left by the ruler, tracing his fingertips gently down the lines. “Sore?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Then you’ll be obedient, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“See that you are.” He touched the edge of the ruler to her pussy, running it down between her moist lips, twisting it so the corner dipped inside her. She sucked in a breath. Who knew a ruler could do such incredible things? For a few more seconds, Luke twisted the ruler inside her, rubbing it up and down between her legs, teasing her mercilessly. Then abruptly he pulled it away, before returning it with a flick of his wrist to slap against her wet pussy lips with a sting that made her cry out.

Tossing the ruler lightly onto his desk, he used his fingers to rub away the sting, his rough, calloused skin rubbing in circles over her swollen pussy lips, pinching her clit lightly. She groaned deep in her throat and wriggled her hips; more. She needed more.



Daddies Take Control Excerpt # 4

Ripping away her towel, he slipped the dress over her head.

“No, you don’t get to wear knickers,” he told her sternly in answer to the horrified, questioning look on her face. “Or a bra. Those things are a privilege for little girls. Only good little girls get to wear underwear. But you’re a naughty little girl, a very naughty little girl. Your bottom will stay bare under this dress. It will stay bare, red and sore.”

He watched her lips part and her nostrils flare slightly at his words as he looked her up and down. She really was exquisite, every naughty inch of her. Her hair, still damp from her shower, brushed against the soft swell of her breast. She was tiny, her slender 5 foot three build dwarfed by his huge frame, but she looked fit and healthy, her body toned from years of riding horses. Holding her shoulders, he spun her around slowly as the filmy fabric of the dress fluttered down over her body. He winced at the state of her bottom: it was still red, darker red in places, with a bit of bruising starting to come through where Cody’s hand had landed multiple times in the one spot. By the time they’d done punishing her later, she wouldn’t be sitting comfortably any time soon.


About the Author:

Kelly Dawson loves anything to do with horses, rodeos and cowboys, and loves to get lost in a good book – preferably one containing spanking!

A life-long closet-spanko, Kelly started writing spanking stories on every spare scrap of paper in the house as a child. So when she discovered the internet and spanking romance along with it, she was most excited. But it took her a good decade of devouring these stories before she got up the courage to submit her own. And now, here she is, 8 books later, with a plethora of ideas still to write!

She lives literally at the bottom of the world in the South Island of New Zealand, with her very own romance novel hero (who just happens to be her husband), and their four kids.


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