Guest Author post – Groomed, by Bethany Leigh

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 Can Charlotte trust the charming stranger she’s met online?


It’s 1999 and Charlotte and Connor have just got the internet at home. One night, Charlotte comes across an intriguing forum. It consists mostly of women posters whose husbands discipline them when they misbehave. In other words, they’re living Charlotte’s dream!

Charlotte’s marriage is in trouble. Work and family pressures have pushed her and Connor apart. The forum posters claim domestic discipline makes marriages closer, more intimate, that sex is through the roof. Charlotte wonders whether introducing the old-fashioned discipline she yearns for can bring her and Connor closer together too.

But Connor doesn’t take to the lifestyle and the failure frustrates Charlotte and drives them even further apart. In desperation, she seeks out a disciplinarian through the forum to satisfy her needs. He seems caring, thoughtful and is willing to take things slowly, allow time to build trust.

But there’s a missing backpacker who just might have a connection with the same disciplinarian.

Can Charlotte trust this charming man she’s met on the internet?

And how will it affect her marriage to Connor?

Will Charlotte ever get the loving discipline she craves?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains disciplinary scenes. If this is offensive to you, please do not read.


Here’s an exclusive extract!

She’d thought Ben’s idea of taking things slowly, playing it safe, a good one. Maybe she should wear something a little less suggestive for their first meeting. She checked the racks of the walk-in wardrobe for about the hundredth time since she and Ben set the date. A knee-length sundress? Full-length skirt with elegant blouse? Shorts? No, not shorts. She might have a cute-as arse, but shorts were too casual, too one of the boys. Charlotte had had enough of being an honorary bloke, at work as well as at home. If she was going to be in a 1950s-style spanking relationship, however platonic, she wanted to look 1950s-style feminine.

Forty-five minutes till she had to meet Ben.

            Fifteen minutes till she had to leave the house.

Decide NOW, Charlotte, or you’ll be late.

Charlotte stepped into a long cream linen skirt, with splits up each side – elegant, but easily manoeuvrable should she and Ben spontaneously decide to accelerate their arrangement. She buttoned the matching shirt, and riffled through her jewellery for accessories. She selected an amber necklace with matching ear-rings. She’d already applied light make-up, there was just her hair to fix. Twist it into a bun or have it loose around her shoulders? What about a pony-tail? Too little-girlish even if the plan was for Ben to spank her? She left it loose. Men liked long hair. Even Connor was magnetised by it, running his fingers through it.

Well, he was. Before he ruined everything.

The resentment still burned. It was Connor’s fault that Charlotte was spending her day off work doing something so risky as meeting a stranger from cyberspace. Hayden and Mark would spank Panda and Gemma if they even thought about doing something so stupid. But because of Connor, here was Charlotte – age thirty-six for God’s sake, ‘old enough to know better’ didn’t begin to describe it – getting dressed up to meet someone who could be an axe murderer.

Charlotte shut down that nagging fear. Axe murderers don’t want to take things slowly. She gave her wavy dark hair a final brush and sprayed perfume behind her ears, at the bottom of her throat, on her wrists and inside her elbows. She hesitated before putting on her wedding and engagement rings. There was no reason not to wear them. This was the start of a potential disciplinary arrangement, not a possible love affair.

Handbag, car keys. Cardigan in case it turned cold (yeah, right, the forecast was for 34).

Thirty-five minutes till she had to meet Ben.

            Five minutes till she had to leave the house.

Just about enough time to quickly check the internet, make sure he hadn’t left a message saying he couldn’t make it.

Then, if she was going to keep their date, she’d better head out to her car.


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