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Journal prompt: my last kiss

It was a goodbye kiss, although you probably thought it was a goodbye for now kiss, that there would be more in the future.

I knew differently.

This was a kiss goodbye to your inattention, your lies and your lack of care about my feelings. It was a kiss goodbye to waiting anxiously for you to text me, to remember that I existed. It was a kiss goodbye to the only person who wants and desires me, true, but it was also a kiss goodbye to the pain that your leaving causes me every time you walk out the door.

I wonder how long it will take you to realise it?

I knew it was coming from the first.

kiss goodbye.jpg

Journal prompts: five ways to win my heart



I’m a bit jaded on  the love front, to be honest; my real life experiences have been bittersweet, at best. The love that I write about certainly isn’t realistic, or, at least, my experience of real love. But that’s the point of romance novels, isn’t it? To be unrealistic?

Any man who wants to win my heart isn’t getting much of a prize. It’s a bit battered and scarred. Should he be out there, however, here’s what he’d have to do.

Show loyalty. Men who can’t make a promise and stick to it aren’t men I need to be with. When I fall in love I’m loyal. I’ve ended relationships, of course, but I’ve never lied to a man about how I feel. I’ve never cheated on a boyfriend and I would never tolerate a man who cheated on me.

Have a sense of the absurd. Life is ridiculous. If you can’t laugh about it, I don’t need you.

Have patience. With me, and with the world in general. Good things come to those who wait.

Be intelligent. He doesn’t have to be a MENSA candidate, but I need someone smarter than the average bear. Not only do I find intelligence and competence very sexy, but I just can’t imagine building a successful relationship with somebody who can’t keep up with my brain. That sounds boastful, doesn’t it? Well, so be it. I’m no genius but I’m not stupid, either. I’ve dated people who turned out to be not at my mental level, and it was a painful experience. Intelligence is a must, in whatever form it shows itself.

Be kind. Be kind to animals, kind to children, kind to those who are weaker or in need. Show mercy. Help people without expecting reward. I don’t have many spiritual ideas, but I do think you get back what you give out. I try to be kind, although I know that I can be kinder than I am in the way I speak about people. I couldn’t imagine being with a man who isn’t kind.

I don’t want much, do I?