Does anybody else have this problem when they write?

I seem to have the opposite of writer’s block. I think I’m calling it writer’s torrent. I had a nice novella planned out and thought that it would be, at most, 30-35000 words. It’s a sequel to a forthcoming release, tying up some loose ends and providing a link between that book and an as yet half-written other one. Sort of a book 1.5, you know?

Except that the damned thing is now at 51000 words and counting! Not exactly novella-sized….

I know this probably sounds like the most ridiculous problem that a writer can have – “Oh no! I’m writing too many words! My wallet is too small for all my fifties and my diamond shoes are too tight!”

(Thank you, Chandler Bing. Credit where it is due.)

I’m concerned, though. Is this a sign that I’m including far too much unimportant fluff? Does it show a lack of plotting ability? Can I not self-edit? Or was I just plain wrong about it being a novella?

I’m going to have to see this thing through to the bitter, 60000 word end and see what my editor thinks. If I have to cut it down I’m going to be so upset!

To make up for this awful whining, have a picture of the delectable Nyle from this season of America’s Next Top Model. Would you, or would you not, be able to stop yourself from biting that delectable bottom?


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