I’ve been the heroine of a gothic novel and I didn’t even realise it…



Well, the resolution to post more went the way of the dodo, didn’t it?

In my defense, I got the ‘flu. No, not the sort of ‘flu that people with a heavy cold say they have, I mean the actual sweating, shaking, high fever, out of it for a week sort of ‘flu. Only because I’m an idiot, I went into work with it and suffered in misery for three days before collapsing for four days under my duvet, surfacing only to feed the cat and find more tissues.

Then, because I have the self-preservation instincts of a suicidal lemming, I rushed back to work and promptly developed what my doctor insists is mild pneumonia. Mild enough to be treated with antibiotics at home and not be admitted into hospital, that is. I still have a honking cough and a huge collection of used tissues full of disgusting phlegm that could be used as missiles in a biological war against the loud people next door.  I just need a decent delivery system. I’m considering using the cat.

On the other hand, I have been suffering the sort of illness that heroines of Romantic fiction used to get all the time, although I get the impression that they swooned more and had a delicate cough. I’ve been snoring under a duvet and peering into tissues saying “Gross!”

So, writing has fallen by the wayside recently, which is incredibly frustrating. I have written 10000 words this week, then I took a day off to collect some fantastic clothes from Cardiff and see Deadpool (finally, a reason for Ryan Reynolds. I was wondering what the point of him was, and it was to star in one of the best Marvel films, and certainly the best X Man film, to date). I have today put aside for writing, then I have to get on with actual Real Life job for a while.

However, to spur me on, I got an email from the lovely people at Blushing Books today telling me that the proofs of the print copies of my Victorian Vices series are ready for checking! Real books! Real books with my (writing) name on them! Once the proofs are checked, I get my ten free copies that I can give away to people, so I’m sensing some kind of give-away in the not so distant future.

So, on to writing. My heroine is discovering that this whole sex malarky is actually a huge amount of fun, and my hero is slowly realising that he is, against his will, beginning to fall in love. How will I put an obstacle in their path? Ah, the fun a writer has in torturing her characters…



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