Introducing… Leo Sterne

Caroline's Gift


Captain Leo Sterne has survived the Battle of Waterloo – barely. Wounded and recovering in Brussels, he learns of a surprise inheritance that leaves him in more danger than Napoleon ever threatened him with.

Leo is the new Earl of Ravenshaw, but it’s no cause for celebration. A level-headed, capable soldier like himself has no time for stories of witches and curses but even he has to admit that Ravenshaw earls don’t seem to live very long. Now he’s saddled with an estate in near-ruin, a house that is literally falling down around his ears and not one but three dowager countesses to support, all with the threat of imminent death hounding his every move.

He needs money, and fast; a marriage of convenience with a rich heiress seems the logical way out of his problems. And if she happens to enjoy the firm spankings he loves to give, well, so much the better! A party at the hastily shored-up Ravenshaw Hall sees many young ladies that would tempt any man descend upon him, but it’s the un-dowered Miss Noone with the bewitching blue eyes that captures his fancy.

Will Leo marry for love, or money? And will he be able to do it before the Ravenshaw Curse claims another victim? Read¬†Caroline’s Gift, available on the 4th of October 2018 to find out!

Introducing… Caroline Noone

Caroline's Gift


My brand new book,¬†Caroline’s Gift, is out on October 4th and I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you to my brand new heroine!

Miss Caroline Noone is that most dreaded of things in Regency England – a spinster. She is the embarrassing reminder of her mother’ impetuous first marriage and so lives in Bath with her grandmother instead of with her mother, her more appropriate second husband and her much younger half-brothers and sisters.

Caroline has inherited nothing from her father but her beautiful blue eyes, but from her formidable grandmother she has inherited something far more useful, and more dangerous. Caroline is Gifted, able to see and manipulate the natural magic in the air that no man and most women even know is there. She has been trained at the home of English magic, Miss Bertram’s Academy, and expects to end her days there, teaching young Gifted women to control their abilities.

Her life is thrown into chaos when she is told that she is needed to carry out a life-saving mission – a man is cursed to die unless she can infiltrate his home and unbind the ancient magic that threatens his life. Imagine her surprise when he turns out to be the man that has been haunting her dreams for months, and imagine her greater surprise when he puts her smartly over his knee when he finds out!

Keeping Leo Sterne alive becomes vital to Caroline’s future happiness, but she has to compete against a host of other richer, more attractive women to claim him as her husband. Ravenshaw Hall will become a battleground and Caroline will need every weapon in her magical arsenal if she’s to save Leo and claim him as her own!