Journal prompts: are you a morning person?

A cat after my own heart. 

*laughs hysterically*


*snorts unattractively*



I’m forced to be for my day job – my working day starts at 8.20, and I’m in the classroom by 8.00am prepping, so that means I leave my house by 7.45, which means I have to be showered, dressed and breakfasted before then. The very latest I can stay in bed is 6.45.

Some days I find myself standing in lesson one not quite sure how I got to work that morning. It’s not that I stay up ridiculously late, and I usually nap after getting home from work on most days. I just hate mornings!

My head is fuzzy, my knee aches badly, I’m bad tempered and always ravenously hungry. I look bad. I mean, really bad.

So no, not a morning person.