Journal prompt: have you ever watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Heathers? Beetlejuice? Pulp Fiction?



Yes, of course, I think so and no.

I never got the whole Rocky Horror thing. My friends got into it, back in Sixth Form, and maybe its because I never saw it live. I saw the film version and…well, underwhelmed is the best way to put it, really. Some of the songs are catchy, but if there’s a plot to the thing, I missed it. It’s a really a cult film, and you’re either in the cult or you’re not.

Heathers, though, that was I film I enjoyed. It’s so dark! No matter how bad my teen years were, they weren’t as bad as Veronica Sawyer’s. I think that teen me was more interested in a young Christian Slater than the deeper message of the film, but I couldn’t help but love the cutting dialogue and the daring darkness of the film. Not many teen movies show bullying, date rape and murder in what can arguably be called a comedy.

I think I saw Beetlejuice at one point, but I really don’t remember anything except his suit. Either the film made no impression on me whatsoever, or I only ever saw a clip of it. I’m not exactly running to change that, though.

Pulp Fiction is one film that I think that I should see, because I’ve seen so many parodies of if, but it’s a Tarentino film and I’ve never seen a Tarentino film I’ve liked. Too bloody, too much violence. I think I’ll pass.