Journal prompts: what are the shoes you’ve had forever and wear with everything?

dolly shoes.jpg

I know – boring, right? Plain black dolly shoes, no heel and no bow on my pair. Just unadorned black leather.

The thing is, I wear a lot of black. It’s slimming, it hides the fact that I drop whiteboard markers down myself on a regular basis and it means I don’t have to think about matching clothes first thing in the morning. Black shoes just complete the ensemble.

I also have really stupidly wide feet, and dolly shoes often come a bit wider than average court shoes. I’m quite tall for a woman – 5’10” – so I don’t feel the need for heels very often. They’re easy to kick off when my feet get too hot. They go with most outfits.

Most importantly, when I finally wear a pair into the ground, they’re easy to replace! You can get them everywhere and they’re not expensive. It also means I can keep a spare pair in my desk drawer in case of some kind of shoe-related clothing malfunction, which has been known to happen!

So, in short, the humble black dolly shoe. The Louise Taylor shoe of choice!