Journal prompts: do you sleep on your back, side or stomach?



To all of them.

I sleep alone, most of the time, and when I have a companion I prefer to do the actual sleeping part of the evening alone. For preference, I sleep in a starfish formation, trying to take up as much of the bed as possible. It’s when I start to assume the starfish that companions wish that they were sleeping somewhere else, too.

I start off on my side, on the right hand side of the bed. This is because in summer, this is the side closest to the fan. I have to be on the cold side of comfortable to drop off to sleep. Again, this annoys companions who have, in the past, complained about the Alaskan temperatures of my bedroom. When I get too hot, I flop onto my left side, where the cool pillows are. I usually fall asleep properly now, but at some point in the night I roll over and lay on my back, my arms and legs now spread out in full starfish mode.

I’m seriously thinking about upgrading to a kingsize bed. It would mean that I would have to buy a brand new bedframe, mattress, duvets and bed linens, but it would mean that any future night time companions would have a little more room when I bust out my best starfish impersonation and try to sleep in all of the bed at once!