Journal prompts: do you like stationery?


Do I like stationery? No.

I love it!

Journals, folders, washi tape, fineliners, marker pens, colouring pencils, stamps, post-its, sticky labels, diaries – I buy them all the time, more often than I should, just because I can’t bear to leave them behind in the shop! Some of them are so nice, I can’t bear to use them!

I just bought a brand new journal for my bullet journaling, just because it has dotted pages like the cool kids on Instagram have. I wasn’t going to buy any washi tape, and now I have thirty rolls on order from Hong Kong. I spent twenty pounds on new pens last week because I walked past a stationer’s and couldn’t resist a buy two get one free offer.

I have notebooks and lever arch files, dividers and cardboard wallets stacked all over the house. I have no self control at the best of times, but sales and paydays, especially in combination, are lethal.

Today my penguin washi tape arrived, and it was glorious!

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