Charitable – 31 days of writing prompts!

You’ve inherited £5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away — but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money go?

Right now, I would have to give it all to help Syrian refugees. I can’t look at pictures of Aleppo and the terrified people there without feeling heartbroken for them, and slightly guilty that I’m living in such safety and comfort when they’re being killed by their own government.

I would have to research which charities would be the best to donate to, but I would have no problem giving them everything in one big chunk.

However, if the Syrian situation wasn’t as dire as it is, I would be tempted to give the money to individual people that need relatively small amounts of money to make their lives better; I’d sponsor medical care for those that need to fly to other countries, I’d pay to renovate people’s houses so that they can live in their homes with their families rather than have to move if they suddenly become immobile, or I’d pay for people to get specialist medical equipment that is just too expensive for them to normally get – realistic prosthetic limbs, or better electric wheelchairs. Usually these people need a few thousand pounds rather than hundreds of thousands, which means I could help so many people in a way that would make a real difference to their lives.

I’d haunt Go Fund Me pages and their equivalent to find small organisations that are trying to do something good, and fund them in full. I like to think about the look on the face of the organiser when they get the email to say that their target has been met. I would like to be able to help local people who need money for things like gravestones for loved ones that they can’t afford to buy themselves. I’d give money to food banks and toy collections that give presents to needy kids at Christmas. I would really like to support charities for homeless people in Cardiff.

I’d have to do it anonymously, though. I wouldn’t be comfortable with people being grateful to me.