Five things to do less often – 31 days of journal prompts!

Wow, this is horribly easy to do!

  1. Take-aways.   I really do like to cook, and I know how important it is to eat healthily, but somehow I end up ordering a takeaway far too often. They’re unhealthy, expensive and there’s a limited menu. I definitely need to eat fewer of them.
  2. Procrastinate when writing. It seems that I’m willing to do anything to be an author except actually sit down and write a book. I need to set myself a realistic writing schedule and stick to it.
  3. Laze on the couch. Not only have I worn a Homer Simpson-esque arse groove in my sofa, my back is beginning to ache from the awkward position I lay in.
  4. Drink Diet Coke. I only drink caffeine free Diet Coke as I am a wuss, and one can after 6pm keeps me awake all night. However, this fizzy brown water is expensive and does nothing good for me. I need to drink more water and less Diet Coke!
  5. Buy Post-It notes. I have so many different kinds of these! Looking about my desk right now, I can count seven different styles and those are just the ones still in their packaging. I have another five that are opened and half-used. I have enough Post-Its to last me for the rest of my natural life. I do not need any more. I will tell myself that the next time I’m in a stationery shop and I find myself lurking in the Post-It aisle…