My favourite household chore – 31 days of writing prompts!

Ok, I’ll be honest here, there is no household chore that I like. I dislike all of them equally!

However, there is a task that when I eventually get around to doing it, makes me feel that I’ve accomplished something, and that’s hoovering the stairs.

I’ve got a lot of tile and laminate floors in my house, with only the stairs and one of the bedrooms having carpet so I don’t need to have the hoover out that often. However, I do have a very hairy cat that seems to think that shedding is an Olympic sport and a dark blue carpet that seems show every piece of fluff that lands on it.

Hoovering the stairs is a faff, especially because I have  Henry Hoover. He’s very powerful and gets rid of Alfred the Great’s stray hairs, but the round body makes it a bugger to get up and down the stairs! There’s a lot of balancing and swearing, and it’s so loud that I can’t listen to music or a podcast while I’m doing the job. It only takes about ten minutes, realistically, but I dread it as if it takes an hour.

Yet, when I’ve finally done it, I can’t help but admire the lint-free, hairless blue carpet. I think it makes the house look a lot tidier when the stairs are hoovered. It gives me a real sense of achievement.

I just wish that it wasn’t me that had to do it!