Journal prompts: five men I find attractive


He looks handsome and suave, doesn’t he? Well put together? Sophisticated?

He is the biggest celebrity dork I’ve ever seen and I adore him for it.He’s a real sci-fi and fantasy fanboy and can’t quite seem to believe that people are letting him run around with phasers and swords.

He’s a massive Trek fan and is amazing as McCoy. Seriously, the best character in the reboot by a hundred miles, and the rest of them aren’t half bad either.

He got into the best physical shape of his life to play Judge Dredd, then wore a full leather suit and a helmet that blocked everything but his impressive jawline. Watch him talk about taking the bike for a spin and crashing it immediately.

Take a look at his filmography and you get the impression that if he got to use a sword he’d go for the role, resulting in a…varied film history, to say the least. His recount of how he was trolled by Simon Pegg on the set of the second Trek film was hysterical. He looks awful as a blond. I love him completely. He is my celebrity husband, not despite the dorkishness, but because of it.


A friend once accused me of being overly refined, and my attraction to big, burly men is my body trying to get the thug gene back into my family’s DNA. She’s not entirely wrong, I think, although I wouldn’t call any of the following men thugs. I’d call them bloody gorgeous! Jason Momoa, Joe Manganiello, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. It’s the arms, I think – I love a strong pair of arms! That and the height. I love a tall man!

Jason Momoa on Kimmel
©BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM Jason Momoa is seen on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ NON EXCLUSIVE June 18, 2014 Job: 140618R9 Los Angeles, CA

joe manchris h 2cap-01

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