Journal prompts: what’s something that made you smile today?



I went out for dinner with my friend, and she told me something that made me genuinely laugh tonight. She told me that her husband, an intelligent man, once admitted to her that he had never cleaned their bathroom. There was no need to, he said proudly, as they had designed the layout so well that the bathroom was self-cleaning. It was always so spotlessly clean! So shiny and fresh!

My friend, with a great deal more self control that I would have been able to maintain, had to tell her husband that no, in fact, their bathroom was not of the magical, self-cleaning variety, and for the last few years since its installation, she had been responsible for cleaning it.

I don’t understand how such a normally intelligent man could be so naive! What did he think the bottles of bathroom cleaner were for? Did he think that the bathroom cleaning fairies visited in the middle of the night?

Genuine, hysterical laughter.

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